Born 1975. Based in Lisbon, Portugal.

For the last 21 years, status-anxiety and a misplaced sense-of-purpose motivated me to climb up the corporate ladder. I succeeded. What started as an anti-stress hobby in 2010 has become an overwhelming urge to produce images, fully occupying all my limited leisure time. I would like my work to be about an overload of the senses, about limited time and limited means, about how insistence can produce relevance, about the systematic use of instinct and accidents, about the pursuit of images inducing sensations of strangeness and profundity. I use palimpsests, earlier works that turn into new works by drawing or painting them over.  I listen to repetitive contemporary music while working, in the hope of entering altered states of conscience. 

Art Studies:
MART, Lisbon, 2020-21, Artistic Residency / 2018-20, Drawing & painting, with André Almeida Sousa & Paulo Brighenti
NEXTART, Lisbon, 2018, Abstract painting, with Rui Tavares
ENSBA, Paris, 2015-17, Drawing from live model, with Sylvia Fajfrowska & Maryline Genest
TÊTARD, Lausanne, 2013-15, Drawing & painting, with Christina Jonsson
ARCO, Lisbon, 2010-12, Drawing & painting with André Almeida Sousa & João Miguéis / 2009-10, Art History with José António Leitão

Joint exhibitions:
MART, 2020, Cartas Mart
TÊTARD, 2014, End of term

Podcast : CHAMADE | #8 – Pedro Cordeiro Freire – “C’est comme apprendre une nouvelle langue.” | Ausha by @lafantaisievagabonde

Email: info@pedrocordeirofreire.com

Instagram: @pedromakesart

Facebook: Pedromakesart